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A lot of people have already discovered the fact that using electronic cigarettes are cheaper than lighting up a tobacco filled cigarette. Most smokers do not realize it yet, but in a few years, a carton of cigarettes just might be available by special order only. Electronic cigarettes are cheaper, more convenient, more healthful to the smoker and the smoker’s friends and relatives.

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They can be ‘smoked’ anywhere. Today, a person could be arrested for smoking a cigarette in an elevator. There are a number of places where a person could be arrested or given a ticket that will cost hundreds of dollars.

The complaint by most smokers is that electronic cigarettes are too expensive. But this is simply not true. Electronic cigarettes, per puff, probably cost less that one-half of what a puff of tobacco cigarettes cost. The math behind that is very simple. Take the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Let us use one pack, though most smokers will say that, they actually smoke more. At 20 cigarettes per pack, that is 600 cigarettes per month. With what is costs to buy those cigarettes, a person can purchase a kit and refills for electronic cigarettes that will last longer than a month. There will even be some left over. They look more expensive, but there are a number of reasons that they are not.

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They are not powered on all the time. When the electronic cigarette is being inhaled, the battery turns on and heats the liquid into a vapor. When there is no more inhalation, the battery is off. There is no waste of smoke flowing anywhere. It does not burn down to the end. You do not need to flick ashes. If you want one puff, take one puff. You don’t have to put it out. With a cigarette, you have to put it out and use an ashtray. Now, you have a room full of putrid smoke that others can smell and have to inhale. With an electronic cigarette, there is no odor. All that comes out of this thing is water vapor. That is all it is. No chemicals float into the room. It is only water. There is no smoke. You can enjoy one of these things under a “No Smoking” sign.

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What makes this device even cheaper is that a person can buy the device and then add their own fluids, and their own flavors, to it. There is no having to purchase one e-cig after another anymore. All you have to do is an order online or simply go to your local e-cig store and buy a refill bottle.

You can mix your own flavors. There are flavors of every type. Every kind of fruit and vegetable you can think of, and mixtures of these, are freely available on the web. They also come in different strengths of nicotine. You can even mix your own strength by simply adding the non-nicotine fluid to your tank, and then pouring just the right amount of nicotine liquid into the tank. You can make it strong enough for a rodeo full of cowboys, or you can make it weak enough for Snow White to enjoy without coughing. The Seven Dwarfs would never know she had a cigarette!

What makes it even cheaper than before is that there is a website online called They will have every flavor, every strength, and every item you can think of when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Visit their website. We are not joking. Anyway, just about every item you see can be bought cheaper right there on their site, but applying their coupons saves even more. The items are cheap enough already, beating everybody else’s price. But now when you apply their coupons, you get an amazing discount, and we do mean amazing. Some are so much off the retail price of the device and the refills that we are not allowed to quote it here!

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Their price is already low enough, but they also have two interesting sections, called ‘Hot Deals’ and ‘Coupon Codes’. When you decide to buy something, do not just go to check out and pay for your items. No, do not do that. Click the deal and the coupons, and you might find that you can get what you’re looking for at about half of what you were just about to pay. Myfreedomsmokes does that because their volume is so high that they still make their profit. They can get these items at huge savings, and rather than make a ton of money on each item, they pass that on to the purchaser.

So we see this about electronic cigarettes: safer, easier, cheaper, more convenient, and healthier for the user as well as those around them. And, mark that down when we say, ‘cheaper.’

When you buy the liquid in bigger volume containers, and you already have the device to go with it, and then you compare that to a cigarette that cost you 25 cents to smoke, you get the picture. Your comparable puffing on an electronic cigarette is about 4 cents. Do not take our word for it. Use your computer’s calculator, go to and compare those prices to what your carton of cigarettes cost.

You will agree. Try it today!